Sonograms of baby Parsons are posted here.

The first sonograms are from 20 October 2009.

The second sonograms are from 3 November 2009.

The third sonograms are from 6 January 2010.

Zachary James Parsons was born 24 May at 9:47PM EDT. Pictures of Zachary with and without mom and dad are available. The linked page will show picture snapshots; click on the images to see the full size pictures. The entire collection of pictures from the hospital (as of noon EDT 25 May 2010) are available for download as an archive of TIF images as well - warning this is a 120MB File!

While in the hospital we were visited by a photographer from The pictures from are available as well.

Lee's experiences as a new father are periodically chronicled in his New Dad Blog.