1978 Mustang II for Sale

Yes, my 1978 Mustang II coupe is for sale. If you are interested in buying it, the ad on mustangclassifieds.com is available. There are a few pictures on this page as well as here.

I also address many of the common questions through Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question, please check there first, I may have already answered it and you won't have to wait for me to respond via email.

If you would like to contact me, there is a form on mustangclassifieds.com that you can use for that.

Pictures from underneath the car

This picture is a wide, high resolution shot of the T5 installed. Notice the relation of the crossmember to the exhaust hanger on the exhaust downpipe.
This picture is the same, but at a lower resolution.
This picture is also of the transmission, taken from below, at a slightly wide angle to show the transmission mount relative to the crossmember better.

Picutres from inside the car

This picture shows the location of the shifter relative to the interior of the car, while in 3rd gear. Notice also the cut carpet behind it where the RAD shifter was located
This picture shows the shifter relative to its original location, from a top perspective. A stainless steel plate as been installed where the old shifter previously came through, and the whole can be easily seen in the carpet.
This picture is of the rear seat. (This is also a good example of what happens when you don't white-balance a camera before taking a picture on a sunny day)

A couple of notes:
  1. We used the original bellhousing. This changes the alignment of the engine, transmission, etc., compared to the more common approach of finding a newer mustang's bellhousing.
  2. We had a new driveshaft made. The original was too short with the new transmission. The T5 is very close in length to the RAD4 but we couldn't make it reach with the mustang II bell.
  3. The exhaust pipe you see in the pictures is also not original. It is from a 74 (2.3L) pinto wagon. Your exhaust may or may not have a bracket at that exact location. (and probably isn't as shiny, after I had this one cermachromed for rust resistance)

Some historic moments...

This image is of The moment my odometer turned over. I don't recall the date, but the photo was dated april 3, 2003. (this date almost coincides exactly to the car's 25th birthday)
That happened on the way to Superior Ford, where I was going to take picutres of my car at its original dealership for its 25th birthday picture

Classic Pictures I have found some older pictures that I took of this car, years ago... Old pictures
Each picture, with the exception of "78pass.bmp", is around 500K. 78pass.bmp is much larger, due to the bitmap format. These pictures were taken summer 2002 or earlier, near Medicine Lake in Plymouth, MN
Pictures from when I removed the dash.
These pictures were from approximately the same time, when I removed the dash to replace a burnt out bulb. I took these pictures largely for my own benefit to get everything back together in the right way. Yes, it really is easier to replace the bulbs that way for the dash. If you try to do them from below, you have to do it all strictly by feel.