How George W Bush is similar to Microsoft Windows


I do not like George W Bush. I even moreso do not like Microsoft Windows. If you are looking for positive aspects of either, you will not find them here. This page will lay out why I dislike them both, and show how they are similar. I am not making any attempt to be unbiased in this page. If you don't like what I say, just remember that nobody is forcing you to read this page.

Cost of Ownership

Windows: On how windows is overpriced

George W Bush: On how George W Bush is overpriced


Windows: On Windows security flaws

George W Bush: On George W Bush security flaws


Windows: On broken Microsoft promises

George W Bush: On broken Bush promises

Business practices

Windows: On Microsoft's underhanded dealings

George W Bush: On Bush's underhanded dealings


Windows: On how windows was developed behind closed doors, out of public view

George W Bush: On how Bush was developed behind closed doors, out of public view

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