Lee S Parsons

This is my front page. Things are added and changed here as time allows, which isn't very often. There may or may not be useful links below to things that pertain to my work, my life, or other such fables.
A few links to pages hosted here:
The New Dad Blog
Annotations of the excitement of being a new dad. On May 24th of 2010 we welcomed our son Zachary James Parsons into the world; this details some of my musings on time since then.

Professional Page.
No, the page wasn't done by professionals, but it is about my professional life as a Biochemist. It includes information on my background, my education, my publication record, and conferences I have attended or plan to attend.

Mass Spectrometry For Dummies
is my attempt to explain mass spectrometry in an easily-approachable manner.

Presentations designed by my wife in memoriam to her mother who passed away in August of 2010

Car Stuff
Ingrid My beautiful wife's page
The baby Parsons Project - our child-to-be

Cookie Our dog
Fun Stuff Some of my assorted thoughts and musings...
How George W Bush is like Microsoft Windows
A cubic yard of cash

My fight against Spam
PacNames, a spam-friendly registrar

Bad Businesses
Collected musings about bad businesses from various places